What's the story so far? iPhone 2018

 In September 2017, Apple announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 plus has the same traditional design but iPhone X shook things up a little. Will the standard iPhone die and iPhone x design take all over for all 2018 models?

 We won't see the iPhone 9 or a successor to the iPhone X until September 2018.but we may see a successor to the iPhone SE, the littler iPhone, in March 2018. Release date of apple iPhone 2018.
The rumours about upcoming iphones have started and will not end to until the new model launch. Here are some rumours but remember not confirmed yet.

 Release Date of Apple iPhone 2018:
  • Apple iPhone won’t be released until September
  • Improbable to perceive any occasion bits of gossip until August 2018
  • An informed figure would associate with 11 September 2018

Upcoming Apple iPhone 2018 Name:

What will be the name of iPhone 2018 upcoming model? It may be iPhone XI , iPhone X2 or iPhone X plus.

iPhone Display:

We will see iPhone X appears with a 6.5-inch OLED display, alongside another 5.8-inch OLED model and a separate 6.1-inch device with an LCD display.

Iphone Design:

Stainless steel frame predicted to remain but we think a switch to aluminium more likely. TouchID expected to be ditched completely.
iPhone X design expected on all 2018 models


The Apple iPhone X includes a double back camera, as does the iPhone 8 so we wouldn't be astonished to see double back cameras on all the 2018 iPhone models.

The Apple iPhone SE  is expected to run iOS10 but The 2018 iPhones are probably going to dispatch on iOS 12, which we will get a review of at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in June 2018.


Storage option for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X are 64GB and 256GB so we'd figure a similar will apply for any 2018 models, unless Apple selects to begin choices at 128GB.IPhone 2018 models will support gigabit LTE data transmission speeds and 4x4 MIMO standards, something the Sony Xperia XZ Premium and the Samsung.

We unquestionably don't expect lower than 64GB.  Galaxy S8 already support.It will no doubt offer performance improvements and possibly battery improvements if you're lucky.


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