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Twitter demonstrates the future of Windows 10 apps

Microsoft revealed earlier this year that the company will fully support Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Windows 10. These new apps use the latest web technologies to make websites work better offline, and include support for push notifications. They’re lightweight apps, and many companies are starting to shift their mobile apps towards PWAs. Microsoft is planning to allow PWAs in the company’s Microsoft Store, and Twitter is the first major example.
Twitter has been working on its Windows 10 app for years, but its always been behind the features you find on Twitter’s native iOS and Android apps, or the web version of the service. A new design launched in 2015, followed by new features in 2016, but Twitter never even added 280 character support for its Windows 10 app last year. Twitter is clearly shifting its Windows focus towards PWAs, as the existing store app will transform into a PWA once the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is available. witter has started previewing its PWA app,…

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